How to Make Bespoke By Crafty Capers Crackers

We supply both standard and jumbo sized crackers as either boards and snappy strips only or as kits with boards, hats, snappy strips and jokes that are ready for you to add your own ribbon.

Whichever way you have purchased your crackers, please follow the step-by-step video or instructions below to assemble them.

If you have purchased a kit that contains wraps and handles, please see this page for more detailed information on attaching them.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1

First, remove all of the diamond shapes from your cracker blank.

Please be careful when assembling our crackers, as they may tear around the “diamonds” if handled too roughly.

Step 2

Crackers have four sets of crease or perforation lines across each blank.

Place your cracker face down and bend the cracker at the four creases, this is to ensure easier assembly later.

Step 3

Take your snap, place it along the length of the flat cracker so that each end of the snap sits evenly on the handles and attach it at ONE end of the cracker, using a good sticky tape or a glue gun.

If using tape, it's best to put the tape along the snap and not across. This will ensure the snap bangs when pulling the cracker.

Step 4

Roll the cracker, slotting the tabs together. Starting from the bottom and working your way up.

Step 5

You can either add your hat and joke to the flat cracker and incorporate into the rolling, as per the video, or if you find this a little fiddly just add it after you have rolled the cracker.

Step 6

Tie the end of the cracker that the snap is stuck into FIRST.

We like to use ribbon, raffia or pipecleaners to do this.

Step 7

Add your gift to your cracker, it may need a little helping hand to get past the neck if it's a larger gift but make sure that the gift isn't wedged too tightly into the cracker body or against the snap.

If your gift is heavy, make sure to warn the recipient so that they don't pull the cracker over anything breakable!

Step 8

Tie the other end of your cracker with a pipecleaner or ribbon.

Then stick the loose end of snap down into the cracker.


Now you're ready to make the next cracker or to add any embellishments you might like.