How to Make Your Letterbox Gift

Are you looking for a gift box, which you can curate yourself, that you can be 100% confident will be delivered when the recipient is out?  What a nightmare it is to carefully choose gifts and then finding that they do not all fit through the letterbox and it is now sitting on their doormat, or has been sent back to a depot in the backend of nowhere. Doesn’t this rather spoil the thoughtful and timely gift that you had planned!

We all need to go out and can’t be at home all day, even on a special occasion.   We still need to go to work, do the school run, do the shopping and go to the champagne bar…  Maybe not the last one or, at least, not every day anyway!  

We have personally checked over 200 letter boxes in various types of homes locally to us, to make sure that Royal Mail will be able to deliver the slimline “large letter” style mailing boxes that we have designed, without any problems.  Of these letter boxes, only two wouldn’t have been deliverable.   Why?   One had no letter box at all (very odd!) and the other had a rather dodgy looking dog in the front garden – a quick exit ensued!

Did you know that there is a British standard (EN13724) for letter boxes?  Yawn!  Very big yawn! Oddly though, it’s not compulsory, even on new builds.  The suggested size is 23cm wide and 4cm tall, so that a stack of A4 papers will fit through it.  A Royal Mail large letter has a maximum of 25cm wide (wider than the BS!) and 2.5cm deep.  Our boxes are 15cm wide and 2.3cm deep, so well within both the BS and large letter requirements.

We know that there are companies offering letterbox parcels, generally with a prescribed selection of gifts, often trial packs of toiletries, individual teabags and taster packs of biscuits or sweets.  This isn’t our style.  We hate waste - wasting your money and wasting the precious resources in our world.   We would much rather offer you choice, with a great range of gifts, to enable you to choose items that you know will be enjoyed, even after the initial excitement of opening the gift has passed.   You’ll also know that our gifts will fit through every letter box - if they have one and the postman can get past the wild animals…

Yes, we do offer a small range of edited letterbox gift sets, for those needing inspiration and those short in time, but these are also chosen to have a real value to the person you are gifting them to, no sample packs and trial sizes here…

Many, so called, letterbox gifts will not fit through letterboxes.  We are confident that the vast majority of letterboxes will not be big enough for a small bottle of wine, a jar of jam or a candle – not without damaging the gift or the letter box – or both!

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We want to offer you complete choice on what to add to your box, rather than dictating that you need to choose something from this category, two things from that one etc etc etc…   Therefore, when choosing your own gifts, we have added filters based on what percentage of the box your chosen gifts will take up, so that you can very easily calculate what space you have available in the box and make sure it will all fit.  Each product will also tell you, within the description, how much of the box it will occupy.  To illustrate this, if you add a notebook that will take up 60% of the box, then you will be able to choose other items up to the maximum of 100%.  Maybe a pen at 5%, a fun sign at 20% and a pack of cards at 15%.

Shop here for gifts that are:

Don’t worry, you don’t have completely fill the box, as long as you are under 100% of the box, then we will make sure the box looks complete by adding coordinating zig-zag shredded paper, which will also protect it on its travels.  

To help you with this, we have included a video here, giving you some examples of how to fill your box.  Remember though, we want you to be able to choose what you want and nothing is prescriptive.

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If you do go over the 100%, albeit that we would ask that you please try not to, then we will do our best to fit it into the box without risking damage.  If not, we do have more standard sized Royal Mail large letter boxes that we can use.

We have curated our gifts so that you can browse the full range or browse these by recipient.

From our selection of gifts you will be able to create boxes for every life event. Perhaps you are looking to send a cheer up gift or a well done gift, or possibly a birthday gift or a Christmas gift.  Whatever the occasion, you will find a huge, huge range of options in our self-select sections.

Most of us are spending with more caution, whilst wanting to know that the money we are spending will not be wasted.  With our self-select options, you have complete control over what you are spending.  Our gifts start from around £1 and go up from there.  Remember, as well, that you don’t need to completely fill your box, we have smaller boxes too and we use decorative and recyclable zig-zag cut paper to fill any gaps in the box.

You will be able to add a gift message to your order when you complete checkout, which will be handwritten on a one of our gift message cards for you.  If you want us to add a “do not open until” message to the outside of the box, please just include this on the end of your gift message.

Our bespoke letterbox sized boxes are white board, with tissue paper in a colour that you choose, zig zag paper and stickers completing the luxury feel when the box is opened, without waste.   Everything used can be recycled, so you can gift knowing that the environment isn’t being damaged.  

Please add one gift box per order, together with one delivery address and one gift message.  The billing address will be your own, as should the email address, where the order confirmation will be sent.   We do not send copy invoices inside these gifts, just your message.

Any questions, please reach out to us at